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How The Feature That Almost Sunk Disco Elysium Was Made

The mechanics of Disco Elysium are incredibly unique. The game features no traditional combat, but rather combat is handled through dialogue trees and different skill checks. Players have access to four different skill sets that they are able to use: Intellect, Psyche, Physique, and Motorics. In traditional RPG style players earn skill points by leveling up and then are able to add those points into each of the four sets. The gameplay mechanics and storyline are almost exclusively tailored to the dialogue system.

How The Feature That Almost Sunk Disco Elysium Was Made

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Robert Kurvitz, the lead designer and lead writer for Disco Elysium, once described the Thought Cabinet as a quagmire feature that almost sank the game. It's understandable to see why. The Thought Cabinet is more than an inventory of slots that provide in-game bonuses. It is an ambitious feature that lets you morph your character based on your choices and decisions.

Some of the boss fights against monsters and giant corporate mechs are okay, in that they're refreshing and even sometimes challenging compared to fighting hordes of henchmen. Having to fight two enemy werewolves at once was probably the most fun I had with the combat in Earthblood. But in general, I ended up playing a lot of the levels in almost pure stealth mode just because fighting isn't enjoyable, and the lackluster upgrades from progression never made it that much better.

Instead of mere sentences in other games, Disco Elysium features reams of text. The writing is excellent and never feels monotonous. The Final Cut version adds voice acting to almost every line in the game which makes the experience playing the game that much more enjoyable. The game has a glaring Achilles heel, [as of this review date] it is a technical mess. There are countless bugs ranging from the inability to use certain inventory equipment to incompletable side quests. The game also features frustrating dice roll checks and requires constant micromanaging of equipment. Disco Elysium has clear issues, but fortunately the narrative lifts it from video game mediocrity.


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