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I'll Never Gonna Dance Again[Lyric] ^NEW^

Terminator tell's Cyborg that he hopes Cyborg enjoyed his puny existance, because Terminator has something to tell him. Cyborg asks what is it, and Terminator starts his round. Terminator states Cyborg will never dance again, because his tech is from SkyNet, and SkyNet is using him as a tool. Terminator then states that he should've known better, but now it's under his skin, the waves of flesh that they've been given. Terminator then says again he can never dance again, and then states that now he controls Cyborg. Cyborg then is programmed to Halt, Stand on one foot, Jump, and then Transform, in which Cyborg becomes a bear in a tutu. Terminator continues to transform him into a Cyborg plushie, a chibi Teen Titans GO! Cyborg, a Cyborg figurine, and finally into a bike. Cyborg then transforms back to normal. Terminator then states that Cyborg will never poop again with a picture of Cyborg as a toilet. Terminator then says that Cyborg looks like him but without rhythm. He then states that he will never dance again, because he is a fool. Terminator then grabs a controller, and again transforms Cyborg into a bear with a tutu, a Cyborg plushie, a toilet, a shoe, a Teen Titans GO! Cyborg figurine, a pair of headphones, then finally to a Teen Titans GO! Cyborg. Cyborg is then transformed back to normal, then put to shut down. Terminator then states Cyborg is terminated, and then shows his robotic face.

I'll never gonna dance again[Lyric]

I feel like the song talks about the exact moment he tells his friend/partner he cheated while dancing to a song. At first, he feels unsure because he obviously doesn't want the other person to get mad, but also knows he's gonna tell her. And so he does and 'as the music dies' he looks up and sees that the person is really hurt and realises that now that she knows, she is not going to forgive him and this will have been their last dance.That's why he says that 'time can never mend the careless whisper...' because he knows now that he's made his confession, their relationship is over.And of course, the part that says that ignorance is Kind while the truth only brings pain refers to his decision of telling her even if it means that will be their last dance

The song is quite simple to explain. It tells the tale of a man who have cheated on his girl and has regretted of it.But now she's not coming back. So he will never dance [love] again, cause guilty feet [he is guilty of cheating on her] have got no rhythm.Time can never mend the careless whispers of a good friend means that he cannot forget the love and affection she gave him and he threw away."To the heart and mindIgnorance is kindThere's no comfort in the truthPain is all you'll find"This part means exactly: digging in the dirty only gonna hurt, which means that it is better to not know that he was cheating on her than know it and lose a love.In the end he has nobody to dance[love] with him. He asks her to forgive him and stay, but she will not give it back.He should have think twice. 041b061a72


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