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Madonna - Paradise (Not For Me) (The Drowned World Tour Studio Version)

After the release of her seventh studio album, Ray of Light (1998), Madonna stated in an interview on Larry King Live in January 1999 that she was involved in an upcoming movie titled The Next Best Thing. Filming lasted from April to June 1999, with Madonna initially planning to tour during the second half of the year, stating that once filming was completed she would "rehearse to go on tour. And then I'll probably play up until the millennium".[2] However, said plans fell through and the tour was pushed back to 2001; this was due to the fact that she had, in her own words, "been distracted by having children and filming movies".[3] By 2000, Madonna was in a relationship with English director Guy Ritchie; their son Rocco was born in August 2000, her eighth studio album, Music, was released that September and, three months later, her and Ritchie married in Scotland.[3][4] In November 2000, Madonna stated that she was eager to go on tour again: "I've already got ideas [...] of stuff I'd like to do for a big tour. I feel like it's time. I need to take a trip around the world and sing a few songs".[5] The tour was officially announced by the singer's publicist Liz Rosenberg in April 2001.[6]

Madonna - Paradise (Not For Me) (The Drowned World Tour Studio Version)


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