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Desi Kattey 1: The Story of Two Friends Who Became Sharpshooters and Chose Different Paths in Life

you are probably wondering how we arrived at the title of this review. the title has been chosen because of the word 'kattey' itself. when you think about it, the word 'kattey' has two meanings. one which is the hindi word for 'friend' and the other which is the english word for 'gun'. it's a pun on both these words, giving us a double meaning.

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with the exception of the lead, who is kept far away from the camera, the rest of the characters in the film are played by ordinary regular guys whose characters are made to seem larger than life because of the action they have to perform. the film is about a lot of things - friendship, love, betrayal, revenge, and sports. but it is also about the underworld and its inherent dangers. if in sholay, abhishek bachchan and jeetendra were the loose cannons of the underworld, in desi kattey, it is the entire gang that is about to blow up.

as the guy responsible for the film that won him the national award, anand has tried his best to make desi kattey a very cinematic experience. he says, "i wanted to do something different. people have seen so many movies. delhi heights is probably the biggest commercial success that the indian industry has had. still, i feel that there are people who have seen so many films, that they find this (a film about guns) a bit difficult to get into. so, i wanted to do something that would have a little suspense."

after casting the boys, the director went on to get the right girls for the part. "rekha (kaur) and shreya were the perfect girls to play pali and gyanis love interest. i have met them earlier in some of my movies. i remember going to their house with anup soni and giving them the role of pali. they both did a great job."


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