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Microsoft Office Skills Testing

Most applicants should be able to do basic and intermediate tasks in Microsoft Office. Yet studies show that a third of employees have limited technical skills. Will you know who these are, without testing them? If not, here are problems that can happen:

Microsoft Office Skills Testing

Basic computer knowledge is a must for any type of job across any industry. Irrespective of whether you are working in a technical or a non-technical role, you are required to work on a computer at some point in time. Working on technical roles requires extensive use of computers. Performing technical and non-technical roles like creative writing or finance and accounting or front-office executives etc, requires basic knowledge of MS office. Prospective hires need to clear the basic microsoft office skills test as part of the pre-employment skill assessment. Employees need to be proficient in basic MS Office operations like creating word documents or reports in excel or creating a powerpoint presentation or keeping track of official emails through Outlook, to carry out their daily work assignments.

How important is it to know MS Office applications? Microsoft Office skills extend beyond just Word and Excel, there are many other applications that can help employees in their daily work. The right use of MS office tools can improve business productivity and employee efficiency. Regardless of where you are in your career, mastering MS office skills adds value to your everyday work assignments and improves productivity.

MS Office skills is a prerequisite for several roles across industries. The basic office skills assessment practice test is an integral part of the pre-employment skill assessments for each of these roles. Microsoft Office Online Tests can be designed as per the requirement of the role, some roles may require only basic skills while others require advanced skill levels. Most of the resumes shared by candidates list proficiency in MS Office. How to make out if their claims are true? Pre-employment assessments are the best way to evaluate skills and competencies of prospective hires to validate the claims in their resumes.

There are different levels of proficiency in MS Office, from beginners to advanced levels. Basic office skills practice test evaluates basic MS Office skills in candidates. Certain roles like finance executive or accountant require advanced MS Excel skills. Microsoft Office Skills assessment tests must be customized according to the requirements of the role. Why are pre-employment assessments best for evaluating MS Office proficiency:

When applying for an office skills job, you may be required to take a test to demonstrate your knowledge of basic office skills by taking an office skills test. Most organizations today administer office skills tests and the type of tests you receive will depend on the particular skills required for the position you are applying for. Be sure to read the job description carefully to make sure you are qualified for the position and have the skills necessary before applying for the job and taking the tests. Office Skills Tests generally fall into two categories: Techincal (Hard Skills) testing and Soft Skills Testing.

At a minimum, you may be tested on some or all of the technical skills, also called hard skills, which are the MS Office applications including word processing, spreadsheet, and database applications. In most organizations, this includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. Office skills tests usually always include a keyboarding test to verify your speed and accuracy and sometimes even proofreading, data entry, and transcription. Taking professional development courses in beginning online keyboarding and microsoft office online classes such as those offered on is a good way to hone up on the skills necessary to prepare yourself for testing.

Employers are also looking at whether applicants possess the necessary soft skills required to work with other office staff members and operate in a team environment. While these kinds of tests can be hard to prepare for, employers are starting to consider them necessary in determining an applicant's ability to fit in with the company's goals.

Sharon Burton and Nelda Shelton, in their text book, Office Procedures for the 21st Century (8th Edition) (See all Education Reference Books) describe soft skills as personal qualities such as being responsible, dependable, a self-starter, having a positive self-esteem, being sociable, exhibiting self-management, displaying integrity/honesty, projecting a pleasant personality, showing your human side and projecting a professional image. They also state that soft skills also include interpersonal skills such as participating as a team member, teaching others, interacting with customers, demonstrating leadership ability, negotiating agreements and respecting diversity. Taking a course in office procedures is one way you can learn about the soft skills necessary to succeed in today's office.

Most employment or staffing agencies administer tests onsite at their own location. If you've recently taken courses in office skills, your instructor may also know where you can get tested in your area. It's a good idea to check with the agency in advance to find out what tests they will administer so you can prepare.

The mission of is to deliver practical, affordable, online office skills training through high quality content and state of the learning management systems so all individuals willing to learn can master the skills necessary to work in the ever changing office of the 21st Century.

Total Testing offers free demos and therefore does not offer refunds for online tests. We suggest that you take advantage of our free demo service if you are unsure of your testing needs, or call our office for assistance.

The Microsoft Office Specialist Program provides industry-leading assessments of skills and knowledge through our project-based testing, giving students and professionals real-world exercises to appraise their understanding of Microsoft Office.

ISV.Online, the leading supplier of skills testing software and training services to recruiters and employers, is pleased to announce the addition of the Microsoft Office 2021 skills tests to its comprehensive list of tests covering everything from literacy, numeracy, accounting, typing, data entry through GDPR, cyber security, health & safety, driving to contact center and psychometric testing.

The Microsoft Office skills tests are interactive and consist of 30 to 35 questions. A candidate must perform a task and interact with the testing software using short-cut keys, right mouse clicks, menus or any acceptable method to answer each question. As they answer each question it automatically moves to the next question. Each skills test can be completed within 30 minutes.

Technical assessment means a systematic evaluation of technical skills of the candidate with the help of an online test. These technical skills include management skills, software programming skills, IT skills, sales skills, marketing skills, office skills, communication skills and other functional skills.

At Express in Howell/Brighton, MI part of our ISO certified process is evaluating and confirming all candidate skills. We have access to a database of over 1,300 different tests and assessments, ranging from forklift and mechanical aptitude to data entry and programming. All topics have tests ranging from beginner to advanced skill levels to pinpoint the candidates level of proficiency. If you are looking for testing services on current employees or to supplement your internal hiring process, we can help with that too.

The OPAC Software Skills Tests offer an array of over 50 exams to measure critical knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for success in the high-stress office environment. Before you invest the time and money to train a new employee, test your applicants!

The critical knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for success in the high-stress office environment have been put into a simple, affordable software package called the OPAC System and is now in use by thousands of companies, organizations and government offices around the world!

The OPAC System is the premiere PC, software and office skills testing suite. With an array of over 50 exams, and the power to create your own tests, The OPAC System is one of the most comprehensive testing packages available.

If you have the need to create your own office or software skills tests, you can turn to the powerful Test Writer feature, which allows you to create tests in virtually any subject. Test Writer has tremendous flexibility, giving you the capability of adding sound, graphics, and more to your custom exams.

The employer wants to know that you have the office skills required to simply get on with the task at hand, rather than asking others how to do basic activities like formatting tables, inserting graphics, using the spelling/grammar proofing tool or creating a mail-merged document.

As employers seek ways to hire more effectively, testing for the necessary skills of a given role has become a staple of modern candidate screening practices. Pre-employment testing can provide detailed insights into job seekers' skills, abilities and knowledge. By assessing prospective candidates, employers can identify top candidates, expedite the hiring process and reduce the risk of bad hires.

While testing for the skills necessary can give employers an edge in the ultra-competitive market, it's vital to ensure these assessments follow all laws. This protects companies from civil liability and optimizes their ability to screen candidates. Ultimately, HR can improve many different touchpoints on the hiring and retention journey. However, proper validation of the skills tests is the only way to ensure that they provide the hiring and training benefits discussed here. 041b061a72


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