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Nathan Evans - The Last Shanty (Official Video)

Evans had been posting performances of pop and folk songs to TikTok before beginning to post sea shanties.[5] He posted his first traditional sea shanty, "Leave Her Johnny", to TikTok in July 2020.[6] In the following months, viewers of his videos continued to request more sea shanties, leading Evans to post videos of himself singing "The Scotsman" and New Zealand 19th-century maritime song "Wellerman" in December 2020.[1][7]

Nathan Evans - The Last Shanty (Official Video)

Late last year, Nathan Evans shared a video of himself on the social media platform TikTok singing a sea shanty called Soon May the Wellerman Come, and the video was quickly transformed into a viral hit, with various versions of the video clocking up millions of views and other artists layering their own vocals and instrumentation over the original recording.

Any sea shanty written in the 19th century is therefore likely to be in the public domain, meaning that it is no longer protected by copyright and the exclusive rights which previously vested in the copyright owner (such as the right to reproduce the work or to perform the work) can now be exercised by anyone. Soon May the Wellerman Come, for example, which concerns whaling, is understood to have originated in around 1870 by an unknown author. For literary works with unknown authors first published prior to 1955, copyright lasted for only 50 years after creation. This means that the literary works comprising the lyrics to the Soon May the Wellerman Come sea shanty are now in the public domain under Australian copyright law.

Australian law has no such fair use doctrine, and layered new vocals on a previous work are unlikely to come within our more limited fair dealing laws (although there is an argument that, say, layering a video of Kermit the Frog singing a sea shanty on top of previous videos, as some creative TikTok users have done, might be protected as parody or satire).

Therefore, even if another TikTok user republishes a sea shanty video without crediting the original musician, the original artist is unlikely to be in a position to rely upon his or her moral rights against the uploader or TikTok.

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