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Shashank Lipper

Solomon Kane 2009 In Dual Audio Enghindi: A Dark Fantasy Adventure Audiobook

an amusing comedy about the classic horror legend the early 1900s, a young english reporter investigates the supposed vampire dracula while traveling around the world in search of a scoop. however, as with most things that he discovers, the story he uncovers takes a frightening twist that no one would ever suspect.

Solomon Kane 2009 In Dual Audio Enghindi

this is a fantastic hollywood spoof of dracula. if you can look past the ludicrousness, it's a funny comedy that is loaded with gags. the cast, led by leslie nielsen, is excellent. even though many people think that he's a little off, at the end of the day, he's still one of my favorite comic actors out there. the supporting cast is filled with talented actors who bring the absolute best to the table. this film is as long as the previous two in the farce spinoff, but the comedy is much more focused here. i thought this one was pretty good, even though i love the original.

this one was worth picking up and it was a bit of a surprise, coming out of leftfield and being a big seller. a spoof on the entire dracula series, but it has plenty of laughs and laughs. if you like some of that old-style spoofy stuff and have never seen it, then this is for you.

brooks fully indulges his penchant for spoof, bringing together his mr. burns,his hans gildersorm and so much more. what's stunning about this film is that it does itwholeheartedly, and the zany, manic way that he composes and mocks his characters both captivates and horrifies. the film centres on his father, bram stoker, the author of the iconic dracula, who watched these movies, loved them and of course, loved his son. his loathing for what his son has become is almost palpable. but the film doesn't stop there, it circles back around to dracula, quipping at being centre stage in a film series and then going back to bram. in other words, the stokers are the very subjects, and with their approval, it seems as though parody is the order of the day. but as the film progresses, we see that the film is less a parody and more a celebration of the incredible talent of the cast and what they do with the characters they play. the film is everything from brilliant to astoundingly funny, and when the antics cross the line, that's when they truly become too much.


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