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The meteor shower will appear to radiate near the bright star Vega and its namesake constellation Lyra. Away from city lights, as many as 20 shooting stars may be visible per hour. The Lyrids are known to deliver bright and impressively fast streaks across the night sky, with surprise bursts of activity on rare occasions. Will we see an outburst this year? The only way to find out is to go outside and look up!

1600x900 RED SKY AT NIGHT... | Red sky, Night s...

December 21 marks the longest night and the shortest day of the year. The annual event occurs when the sun hits its southernmost point in the sky, according to EarthSky. From this point on, those in the northern hemisphere will enjoy a subtle increase in daylight minutes every day until summer.

The town will hold the sixth annual Fountain Hills Dark Sky Festival on March 25 off Avenue of the Fountains and Saguaro Boulevard. The festival will include live speakers, virtual reality experiences, meteorite and live nocturnal animal exhibits, food trucks, a beer and wine garden and laser tours of the night sky, according to the release.

The conjunction between the brightest planet in the night-sky, Venus, and the brightest star in the constellation of Leo, Regulus, will last from Sept. 4 until Sept. 5 and will be visible in the east just before sunrise.

You can check out our guides for the best binoculars and the best telescopes to spot Venus and Regulus. If you're hoping to capture a good photo of the night sky, check out our guide for photographing the moon, along with our recommendations for the best cameras for astrophotography and best lenses for astrophotography. 041b061a72


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