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Lucas Miller
Lucas Miller

Fallout 4 Hair Physics

Ports of assorted short and medium length and updo styles from the wonderful KS Hairdos for Skyrim. Physics have been applied to suitable hairs. 121 hairs in total as of version 9. This is also available and up to date on XBONE.

Fallout 4 Hair Physics


GERALD HOLTON is Mallinckrodt Professor of Physics and Professor of the History of Science, Emeritus, at Harvard University. He obtained his Ph.D. at Harvard as a student of P. W. Bridgman. His chief interests are in the history and philosophy of science, in the physics of matter at high pressure, and in the study of career paths of young scientists.

Not only were the camps designed to eliminate people. They also were factories to "harvest" them methodically, rapidly, and on a huge scale. Nothing in the exhibit area of Auschwitz has been more shattering than the carefully sorted, huge piles of eye glasses, shaving brushes, trusses, children's wear, human hair, and so forth, the last of such shipments to the German homeland, abandoned when the camp was liberated. (It is a small part of the evidence of the involvement of large numbers of people in the transport and other aspects of the undertaking.)

"University professors who are opposed to organizing, planning and directing research after the manner of industrial laboratories because in their opinion fundamental research is based on 'curiosity' and because great scientific minds must be left to themselves have something to think about. A most important piece of research was conducted on behalf of the Army by precisely the means adopted in industrial laboratories. And the result? An invention is given to the world in three years which it would have taken perhaps half a century to develop if we had to rely on prima donna research scientists to work alone. The internal logical necessities of atomic physics and the war led to the bomb. A problem was stated. It was solved by teamwork, by planning, by competent direction, and not by a mere desire to satisfy curiosity." 350c69d7ab


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