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Buy Life Fitness Elliptical [TOP]

While they can be prohibitively expensive in some cases (well, most cases) for the average home gym enthusiast, they are backed by decades of experience building ellipticals for extended, high-volume use.

buy life fitness elliptical

How Much Do Ellipticals Cost? (44 Different Models Compared). Ellipticals can be a costly investment in your workout goals. Here is a look at how much each type of elliptical costs and how much to spend on one.

Life Fitness is an American fitness company specializing in the production and distribution of cardiovascular and strength training equipment under several brands including Life Fitness, Cybex and Hammer Strength. It is headquartered in Franklin Park, Illinois and is a portfolio company of KPS Capital Partners.

Life Fitness makes commercial fitness equipment and also has a varied lineup of trainers for home gyms. All Life Fitness elliptical cross trainers are distinguished from competitors by their smooth motion. All are rear drive trainers too, which is the type often preferred for comfort and promoting a good posture during workouts. The eight Life Fitness ellipticals have different stride settings, different monitor choices, different workout enhancements and other variations. The top unit has an optional touch screen and TV. Base prices range from a low of $1,999 for the Life Fitness X1 Cross-Trainer to $6,999 for the Platinum Club Series Elliptical. During promotional periods the prices may include shipping and setup.

When comparing Life Fitness ellipticals be sure to look at stride length. All of the trainers can fit adults of average height, but only some of the units also comfortably fit people who are especially tall and short. These ellipticals, which have variable 18" to 24" strides, are useful for people of all heights because adjusting the stride lets you target different muscle groups. See the Life Fitness stride lengths and other features on this elliptical comparison chart.

Life Fitness is a US-based company with more than four decades of experience as a manufacturer and distributor of high quality fitness equipment. The company makes commercial and residential fitness equipment, and it has some impressive clients such as the US military and professional sports teams. It was the first fitness brand to include computerized workout programs on its cardio trainers and continues to lead in this area by offering a choice of consoles with most of its machines. Overall the Life Fitness brand is respected for making durable, smooth-running fitness equipment and including high quality programming on its cardio trainers.

We compile crucial info about popular fitness equipment, then assign a single rating out of 5 stars with our exclusive algorithm (based on 100s of customer & expert reviews), all to save you time and money meeting your fitness goals.

Life Fitness has been delivering high quality fitness equipment for more than 45 years. The team has gone above and beyond to create fitness solutions that benefit everyone from fitness enthusiasts, to fitness and gym providers and now gym equipment dealers and those wanting to trade-in used fitness equipment.

Equipment purchased with grant funding includes a Life Fitness upright bike, Life Fitness elliptical, Body Solid Pro Dual Pec Fly and Reverse Fly, Body Solid Pro Select Sled and Body Solid Pro Dual Cable Column.

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