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3 Things You Must Do For A Flawless Spray/Self Tan

When you get a sunless tan whether it be a spray tan or self tan, you always need to do proper prep and maintenance to ensure the best results! I am here today to tell you the top 3 things you should be doing before your sunless application.

  1. EXFOLIATE: The number 1 tip before sunless tanning is to ensure you have exfoliated any and all old tan / dead skin off. The best way to do this is with an exfoliating mitt that you add a little bit of spray tan safe body wash to and scrub away. No loofahs, no little rubber "exfoliators", no body scrubs, just a good ole exfoliating mitt, because the other stuff does not get your skin nearly as prepped as the exfoliating mitts do. Our best recommendation if you are like "well I need one of these fancy mitts," is right here on our shop! Our double sided mitt comes in the cutest colors, has 2 holes for your thumbs for a good grip & a loop for hanging when you are done!

2. HYDRATE: The second thing you should 100% be doing for a perfect tan is ensuring your skin is hydrated from the inside and out. Lots of water and moisturizer leading up to your appointment. Dry skin makes spray and self tans go on patchy, fade very uneven and cracky, as well as collect darker in dryer areas. Make sure you don't use any moisturizer within 8-12 hours of your spray tan appointment or self tan application or it could create a barrier between the tan and your skin and not take color well. We love using any natural and super hydrating ingredients for a good lotion. Hempz is one of our go to's and we carry a ton of scents for you to choose from!

3. REMOVE ALL UNWANTED HAIR: Ensuring that all the hair you will want gone for the spray tan is done at least 24 hours before your tan is CRUCIAL. Shaving / waxing too close to your sunless application can make the tan not develop all the way or at all & can cause "strawberry pores." Shaving / waxing while your sunless tan is on the skin (aka after your application) can cause it to be removed from those areas leaving uneven spots and strips. There are shaving creams that are safe to use during your sunless tan if needed. If you do use them, make sure you use a brand new razor and do not press to firmly onto the skin.

If you are following these steps and the directions from your spray tan artist / self tanning instructions you are almost guaranteed a flawless sunless tan! Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to perfect your sunless glow.

In the DFW area and want to get your bronze in 15 minutes or less? Head over to our home page and book your next spray tan with us here at Lumiere Luxe Tans in Richardson, TX. Not close or want an at home tan? No worries, we have our own self tan kit that can be purchased in studio or online!

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