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Bridal Tans With Lumiere Luxe

Our Specialty

First off, congratulations! If you're here you’re more than likely recently engaged / getting ready for your big day. We want to thank you in advanced for considering us to be apart of your wedding beauty prep! Here at Lumiere Luxe we specialize in the perfect bridal tans and will take WONDERFUL care of you and your bridal crew.

Second thing we will say is, YES, get the spray tan for your wedding.

(Just in case you were on the fence about whether or not to so it)

It makes all the difference in person and in photos. The glow, the even skin tone, etc. You won't regret it!

*all bridal tans require at least one trial tan with us before tanning with us for your big day to ensure we get the perfect tan for you for wedding day!



After you get engaged there are so many events you can use an amazing GLOW for like bachelorette parties, engagement photos / party, bridal trial, etc.!

This is why we have created our discounted bridal packages for our custom airbrush spray tans.

Another belief of ours is to not fall in line with other beauty service providers and charge way more $$$ just because you are getting married. We believe that should be opposite and want to help save you as much as possible so this is where our bridal packages come in handy! *don't worry, if you don't want a whole package we still won't overcharge you for your bridal spray tan!

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